MindSpun team is dedicated to designing and manufacturing canning lines
After many years of mobile canning, we naturally arrived to an idea of our own equipment development – we canned millions of cans with different beverages at a huge number of diverse production facilities.

We tried numerous combinations of canning equipment, production sites, beverages and other factors. And yet we couldn’t find the perfect canning line to satisfy our quality, operation comfort and speed requirements. Beside that many times we’ve seen struggles of our former mobile canning customers when they purchased their own canning equipment – starting with lack of proper training and up to confusing instruction manuals, bad customer service etc.

We want to improve this situation. Our mission is to improve quality of peoples’ life by creating advanced technologies that eliminate routine work. Thus our main goal is designing equipment that is easy and comfortable to operate, that provides high canning speed with excellent and stable quality of your canned beverages. Of course small details matter – that’s why we also pay serious attention to convenient cleaning procedures, simplicity of can size changeovers, clear and ergonomic user interface and many other things.

Let’s create superb production facilities together. We want to make canning an easy and enjoyable process for you!
Pavel Korneev
Technical Guru
Alexander Aliguseinov
Vladimir Glazov
Alexey Anikin
Design Wizard
Technical Guru
Sergey Troshin
Mission and values
Strong partnership with our customers and suppliers are essential for our working process. We truly believe that open and honest collaboration is much more important than temporary profits. Our team culture formed around these beliefs, and we expressed it in following values:
Our mission is to improve quality of peoples’ life by creating advanced technologies that eliminate routine work
We appreciate all people – our team members, partners, customers, users of our products and services, shareholders. Our work is dedicated to improving their lives
Access to any information, elimination of unnecessary controlling and freedom to make decisions and act are basic principles of our teamwork
Our work should bring joy to people – our team, partners and customers
Relentless improvement
We always move forward, every day seek for ways to improve our work in every sense
We are constantly looking for ways to achieve maximum quality of our products and services
Creating first class innovative equipment requires motivated team of talented professionals. If you share our values, ready to learn and improve every day, want to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your work – we will be happy to welcome you in our team! Send us a message about yourself :)

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